Upcoming Courses

Many FACE members offer training at varying levels from beginner to advanced, this can be as part of a group or on a one to one basis.
You can view a list of members offering training here.

Below you can find dates and details for upcoming classes held by members.

Date Location Description Skill Level Contact
Various - 2017 Hertfordshire

Facade Academy - Various dates visit

Various Juliet Eve
 Various - 2016  Kent or London

Follies Academy of Face & Body Art - Training Dates 2016

 Various  Liz Bylett
 18th June 2014  Adelaide, South Australia  Face Painting, full day workshop (all materials supplied)  Beginner  Wendy Fantasia
 19th and  20th June 2014  Adelaide, South Australia   Body Painting, two full days workshop (supply own kit)  Beginner  Wendy Fantasia



Members offering training are listed for information only. Training and any other services which are offered/provided by the members listed are the sole responsibility of said members, and are not approved, organised or regulated by FACE. Members offering training and other services do so without reference to FACE with regard to the standard and/or content of such activities. FACE will not be responsible for, or accept liability for any perceived failure or shortcoming, or for any loss, damage, injury or inconvenience relating to either the arrangement or performance of training or any other activity performed by any FACE member.