Level 2 Membership

What’s it all about?

The Level 2 membership has been set up to give recognition to those FACE members who have significantly improved their skills and abilities. It exists to encourage members to continue in their development, as without something to aspire to, it is easy to stagnate. Applications for the Level 2 assessment are welcome from those who have been members for over 2 years. It is anticipated that at least 50% of the membership will find Level 2 attainable, so we welcome you to give it a go if you wish!

What’s involved?

The aim of Level 2 is to see the applicant is a good all rounder and above the entry level that they entered FACE. We want to see original and creative work (not copies) excellent blending, crisp and varied line work, good colour choices and balanced features.

Which faces are tested?

8 faces are to be submitted. 6 are compulsory and 2 from the second list. 2 of the faces should be off the job and painted within 5 minutes, the other 6 can be within 20 minutes each. Please state how many minutes each face took on the application form. The SIX compulsory faces are:-

  • Monster / Werewolf
  • Skull
  • Princess / Swirly Face
  • Scene Painting, e.g. Under the Sea / Spring Landscape etc.
  • Butterfly
  • An original design of your own choice

Plus TWO from the following – at least ONE boyish:-







Feathered Bird/Angel


Halloween Face


Eye Design


Half face

How do I apply?

You download the Level 2 application form:

  • Complete the forms
  • Submit a CD with clear, sharp, close up images of your 8 faces
  • Send them off with your £10 cheque to your FACE Area Representative who will verify the pictures as belonging to you.


Then what happens?

The Area Representative will forward them onto the Level 2 Membership Secretary Mandy Lawrence. Your photos will be passed to the Level 2 panel for their opinions (your details will not however be passed on, they will be judged purely on merit) you will be informed of the decision by letter. It’s as easy as that!

If you haveany questionsyou can contact your area rep or Mandy Lawrence.