Find a Level 2 Member

The Level 2 award has been set up to give recognition to those FACE members who have significantly improved their skills and abilities.

Member   Area
Lynn Adgar   Midlands
Michelle Leche   Midlands
Allison Seyfang   Midlands
Shirley Reynolds   Midlands
North East    
Margaret Ann Grey   North East
Tracey Robinson   North East
South East    
Liz Bylett   South East
Naomi Gay   South East
Claire Guest   South East
Margaret Lincoln   South East
Raphaelle Fieldhouse   Wales
South West    
Jospehine Van Oers   South West
Melanie Broom   South West
Mark Gannon   South West
Glyn Goodwin   Anglia/Central
Jackie O'Galligan   Anglia/Central
Catriona Finlayson   Anglia/Central
Dawn Cuthbertson   Scotland
Wendy Fantasia   Australia
Ginny Sieminski   USA
Shannon Fennell   Canada