Q: What does the acronym F.A.C.E stand for?

A: F.A.C.E stands for Fast Accredited Creative Experts.

Q: How do I learn to face paint?

A: There is no better way than by having a go. Get a book about face painting from the library or do an internet search for pictures, then buy a few good quality face paints, some sponges and a good quality paint brush. The books & websites will tell you all you need to know to get started. If you enjoy face painting and want to learn more try looking in the adult education brochures where sometimes a face painting module is included amongst media make-up. Alternatively go to our TRAINING information which lists FACE members who run courses.

Q: Where can I find face paints?

A: Face paints are widely available at online stores or through Dance, Theatre and Fancy dress shops as well as some toy or craft shops. Many FACE members sell paints by mail order, go to our RETAILERS page which lists them, and there are always advertisements for retailers in our MAGAZINE 'FACE to FACE'. The main brands to look out for are Grimas, Kryolan, Snazaroo, Mehron, Ben Nye and Fardel. There are several other brands too but do not be tempted by crayon sticks which tend to be grease based, coarse and drag on the skin. For safety reasons and ease of use it is important to look for good quality, professional water based face paints which are made to meet the cosmetic guidelines for skin use & are often referred to as make-up.

Q: Who is my nearest Face Painter?

A: Go to the Find a Face painter page where you will find our search facility

Q: What does a Face Painter charge?

A: This varies from painter to painter and may depend on the area. Generally, they charge a similar price for their time as other entertainers such as Magicians and Balloon Modellers. Contact members directly for their charges  find a face painter

Q: How many faces can painters complete in an hour?

A: This will depend on the artist, the customer and the designs chosen, however, an average painter is likely to complete around 10 faces per hour.

Q: How do I join FACE?

A: To become a FACE member everyone has to pass a test. To find out more about membership take a look at the How to join section. FACE membership is usually for face painters who are already working professionally, if you are good at fast and creative faces and can create a smooth base with good quality lines do think about joining us.

Q: What is the Code of Conduct?

A: The Code Of Conduct and the Code of Practice are agreements that everyone in FACE signs when they join the Association.

Q: When is it not safe to face paint someone?

A: We suggest that you refer to the Code of practice - safe face painting guidelines.

  • A skin test is advised if they have any food allergies or allergic reactions to soaps, skin creams, etc. Remember all brands are different, so a reaction to one brand does not mean someone will react to another brand.
  • If they have any open cuts or sores or fresh bruising.
  • If they have a cold sore or conjunctivitis or any other known infectious skin condition.
  • It is not advisable to use a painter who is not covered by public liability insurance.
  • It is not advisable to use a painter who does not have clean equipment and professional face paints which meet the relevant skin regulations.

Q: Can I copy designs that I have seen in the gallery?

A: Please refer to our Copyright information.

Q: How do I get to talk to a real person in FACE?

A: You can contact the local area rep or for general enquiries contact FACE  using the contact form at the bottom of each page

Q: How do I subscribe to, or advertise in, the magazine FACE to FACE?

A: Take a look at our magazine page.

Q: How do I book a face painter?

A: The simplest way of booking a face painter is to use our Find a Facepainter page and contact a face painter who lives near to you by telephone or email, however, many face painters will travel all over the country so if you have admired the work of a facepainter in the gallery or you need a face painter with particular talents, a Level 2 certificate or body painting skills, it is worth contacting that face painter even if they are not based locally to you.